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The San Joaquin Valley is a wonderful and vibrant place to live, ideal for all types of commercial and agricultural projects. Sometimes, however, the burden of local laws and regulations can stall or stop new projects and make developers hesitant to move forward. Before you begin a project, contact Petrulakis Law & Advocacy, APC to speak with a skilled land use attorney in the San Joaquin Valley. We know and understand the local landscape so we can help you navigate the sometimes-complex land use rules of Modesto and the surrounding areas to your benefit.

Land use and development issues unique to this region

The San Joaquin Valley is among the richest, most fertile agricultural areas in the United States, but companies face a number of regulatory and environmental challenges when they try to develop here. Local governments have attempted to preserve that agricultural heritage by creating mitigation policies for agricultural land that require developers to create easements or pay fees if they convert land to other uses. The state is also aiming to protect agricultural land through laws such as the Williamson Act, which reduces property taxes on farmland in return for a ten-year agreement not to develop the property.

Our attorneys are familiar with the environmental laws that are unique to this region, including:

  • SB375, California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act. Its unique geography makes the San Joaquin Valley particularly susceptible to air pollution issues. SB375 is a state bill designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including those from industrial organizations. Our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified attorney can help you understand and fulfill all green building requirements.
  • San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (SJUAPCD). The SJUAPCD is a regulatory organization that manages air pollution and air quality in eight counties in the San Joaquin Valley. We keep you informed of all air quality issues and ensure that your project is not held up unnecessarily by environmental regulations.
  • Water supply. This region gets its water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Water rights in the area, with competing claims from farmers, developers and factories, can be confusing and tough to navigate without the help of a skilled local attorney.

Adept lawyers who are committed to serving you

At Petrulakis Law, we help you comply with California’s ever-expanding list of environmental and other regulations on business and property so regulators won’t knock on your door. If they do, we help you navigate the regulatory process. Our talented Modesto real estate attorneys have the knowledge you need to overcome the unique regulatory environment of the San Joaquin Valley.

You’ll rest easy knowing that our firm is working on your company’s behalf throughout the process.

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